Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rabble, your new magazine.


Exsugarbabe here the, original Rabble mum.

I want to launch a new magazine written by mums and families for mums and families. As part of my college course I studied women's magazines, what did I find, nothing for me. You can have the voyeuristic pleasure of hearing about rape and torture with no background or even helpline or read body obsessed trash and feel like to really need a diet, fake tan and perfect wedding, (see "why I hate closer"). There is also a Tory, Daily Mail mentality in many women's magazine nestled between celebs and fake tan, let's put across different points of view.

I decided I could do better, so with your help that's what I want to do. We all have our stories and opinions about family life; here is the place to shout them. The news is full of stories about families right now with debates about benefits and single mums, please shout your opinion.

I asked so friends to write for mend some didn't have the confidence, this is why I would like to start a  Rabble mum community; a community would be a chance to share our skills, If you are a writer or blogger already please get in contact. I hope this extends to friendships, parenthood can be lonely and frustrating; let's make it a bit easier for each other.

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