Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dinner at mine on Friday

On Friday I should be having my first Rabble community dinner. It's a simple idea, bring some food, help cook and help wash up, I belive  this could really help dinner time blues in lots of households.

Anarchy needs rules as I've shouted on many summer days by Heavitree paddling pool, if you host a dinner it's your house but here are my house rules.

1 Play fair, bring what food you can and share it out.

2 More people means more people to cook and wash up, less effort for everyone, the kids need to share the load too.

3 Turn off the screens for a while, get the kids busy and they might not bother with them for hours.

4 My house is Straight Edge, no drugs legal or illegal.

5 Safety first, pick people you know or meet a few times first.

6 If you don't know people very well put valuables and keys upstairs.

7 Mix it up, dinner is lonely for lots of people, if you have a big family ask a singleton or elderly neighbour.

8 Tell us about it and send pictures and recipes.  

9 Keep it simple, this is about fun not showing off, if you are a good cook share skills.

10 Enjoy.

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