Friday, 3 January 2014

Crazy Exeter Weather

Friday 3 Jan

A short but dramatic thunderstorm hit Posle Exeter today. At about 10 am Rain hail and even snow fell with a mix of sun just to confuse weather watchers.

A deep low pressure is causing these heavy storms, the center of the storm is hovering over the Irish sea with the worst of the winds. The area is full of showers waiting to fall and will probably bring more chaos.

The jet stream is causing this terrible weather. This is a ribbon of air that sits 11 kilometers above the Earth,. The is important to British weather as it often sits over us bringing unpredictable conditions. From forecasts it looks as if it will be sitting over us for a very long time.

The weather is making life very  in Devon and Cornwall. There are severe weather warnings in place from the Met Office, the whole county is on yellow alert, this means be aware.

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