Friday, 10 January 2014

Dinner at Mine

The first Rabble mum community dinner went well. I started small with a family friend at my house. My friend bought veggies, cheese and pepperoni and I bought more cheese and pizza bases. We chatted and cooked. My 14 year old played with my mates two year old son. It all helped cement a friendship and bring two families together.

To get over different diets we made four slightly different pizzas, my friend didn't eat fish on Fridays, I don't eat meat at all and my kids are just fussy. It was cheaper and healthier to buy pizza bases at 70p for two and put our own toppings on them, this worked well.

This small success has made me want to take the project further, I want more people, more kids and more fun evenings.

To do this I have permission to use the local community center and microwave, people could to be heated up dish each.  The problem with this is at home there were my sons old toy cars to play with and a homely atmosphere, unlike my vision the boys played on the XBox360. I have organised  projects as a volunteer youth worker, I could take art materials and get the kids working on a project while the adults chat. The community dinners could also be a way to get more writers for Rabble.

If the idea was to make meal times more fun and have some family fun it worked, now it needs to include more people.


  1. This is great, more communities should do this, it would keep kids off the street and give a sense of community back to neighborhoods

  2. That's what I'm hoping to do, thanks :-)))