Monday, 26 May 2014

How to die...

"So how would you rather be killed, have your throat slit or be electrocuted in a bath?"

1 Now that sounds like a really stupid question , the sort of question a couple of  bored schoolboys would ask on a long journey to a school trip, these days they would probably post this ghoulish  question on "Facebook" just to share the idiocy further. This nasty, ridiculous  quandary about how to die  is a question anyone who objects to Halal meat really needs to ask themselves.

23  So all of a sudden the words "religious ritual" and Muslims" is mentioned people care about how our bloodless, faceless shrink warped meat comes from. There is no word about the Jewish way of killing animals that's similar to the Halal way of killing. Both are sensible as they involve getting rid of blood, the part of the meat that carries disease.

Any common sense reason for Halal meat was lost in the lurid headlines with no mention of the Jewish way of killing or the reasons behind Halal meat, the Sun also failed to mention the British way of killing involves electrocution and then killing the animal, and workers paid by how many animals they can kill in a day, nor did they ask readers to go veggie and avoid killing animals altogether.

So why the fuss about Halal meat? You have to wonder at the hypocrisy and small mindedness of Halal haters, Russel Brand brilliantly pointed out that this story makes us think about how animals end up on our plate and maybe it's easier to blame another often demonized  religion than think about the fact we're eating dead animals. If this is true we need to look really carefully at what and how we eat and how we look at Muslims who are also our neighbors, co workers and friends and have a conversation, when the media want to divide us this is a rebelious and compassionate thing to do and the only thing to do.

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  1. The debate about Halal meat is really a mask for racism. The British Attitudes Survey has today found that racism is on the rise. I am not surprised given the level of political discussion about immigrants and how they take everything away that is 'British'. This ignores the fact that many so-called immigrants are, in fact, British and are patriotic.

  2. Agreed, agreed, agreed. When you object to this Halal hysteria how easy is it for people to answer with "but it's about the animals", it's not about the animals because nobody has said a word about Kosher meat, or the nasty ways animals die to make meat cheap for us to eat. I can't believe how the media divides all of us, unemployed and employed, able bodied and disabled, maybe while we bitch at each other we're not looking at the real problems, we'll solve nothing if we believe the hype.

  3. No one cars about the animals, it's the word "muslim" which has a pavlovian reflex for some people. This was aptly demonstrated when the britain first group on facebook found out heinz beans were halal (as is any vegetarian food) and began saying they would eat other brands! Racism and idiocy. Fear and the media. That's what's fueling this, not animal welfare

  4. Absolutely, I feel connected to this story because half my family are Jewish and I asked about Kosher food as a kid, I thought the way of killing sounded grizzly but I could see the common sense in it, it may be why I went veggie in a life make over and I've never eaten much meat, I got racist abuse for even explaining the practice.

    As fir beans, that's hilarious, some bloke in silly clothes said a prayer over baked beans, what difference does it make? Atheists shouldn't care and religious types can do a rain dance in devil costumes if they like, proves these people have spite but no arguments.