Thursday, 12 June 2014

Meditation, medicine for stressed single mums?

1 There's the neatly written, organised things to do list and then there is the real things to do list, the one in your mind, if you put it on paper it would be a spiral of words and images, the past in a kitchen sink drama and the future is unknown, you may not know if you have enough hours to feed the kids, maybe the work "closing down" whispers are true  and why the kids grades going downhill and is my teenage daughter sulking or depressed, this list is massive and the problem is there's nothing you can physically do about this list, you can't get a marker and simply cross them off like you can a list that says "write E mail, sort out PE kit and pay bill."

2 Sometimes we can live in our own drama for too long, we can turn our lives into a technicolor, booming soap opera with no connection to anything bigger and even if you do have faith you may not feel welcome at your local church, if they are full of cheery families who don't understand your reality.

3 4 There is an answer, there is a cheap, easy way to untangle the mess and connect to something bigger than your own drama, it does no involve joining a cult or giving away your rubbish second hand telly or following a Guru to India.  All you need is a floor,  light some tea lights and use your voice to say "nam-myoho-renge-kyo" over and over again, now this sounds like an odd and pointless thing to do, you may say the same thing over to your kids or in your job but this is different and it works at a scientific level, chanting rests parts of your brain to do with emotions, chanting ca also change your brain structure for the better, people who meditate have a thicker cortex than people who don't, this means people who meditate have better brains.

So meditation is cheap, easy and helps you gave a better brain and calmer outlook. We have become so atheist maybe we're missing wonder, peace and calm for our lives, try nam-mayho-renge-kyo, it could be one answer to the puzzle and chaos in your mind.




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