Saturday, 7 November 2015

How are the Tories the party for the working classes?

Most single mums are set to lose about £1300 under the Tax Credit cuts, maybe the Tories believe single mums will spend the money on a third flat screen telly but any single mum will tell you that money is essential, often wages go on rent and we live off some housing benefits and tax credits, without these our households will break down.

Poverty is worse than not being able to buy the latest phone or shopping in Primark and Poundland, in my household tax credits are a large part of our income, my wages only cover the rent, I get some housing benefit and most of our bills and expenses. I also have a generous parents who pay for lessons and larger goods so compared to many I know our family are lucky.

1 and 2 Cutting Tax Credits will spread childhood poverty like a disease, the implications for this generation are huge and the cost of cuts will outweigh the savings both socially and economically. Poor children are behind at school, their lives are less rich in experience and they’re less healthy. Tax Credit poverty won’t be down to lazy, feckless parents  who sit on a sofa watching a government sponsored telly, low earning parents won’t be able claim tax credits once they earn over  £3850 not £6420 and at this figure Tax Credits will go down by 48%, work harder get less.

The impression I want my kids to get of work is it buys you the basics and work harder to get more of life, not flat screen telly’s but experiences, travel, school trips and hobbies. I also want to work so my kids avoid the worst that poverty can bring and enrich my life too but this will be less likely under the Tories as they make life harder for the grafters they’ll make everyone poorer and the world a more brutal place for hard working families and show children their lives don’t matter and work doesn’t pay, so how will this less educated, less healthy generation grow up? How much will it cost and why are the government picking on the grafters and the grafters children?







  1. It really angers me when people are judged by their TV screens and mobile phones. Since the UK adopted digital technology all TVs are now flat screens. Mobile phones are a necessity. Your take on how to bring up your children is commendable.

  2. I think I'm the last person in England to have a box telly but it's an experiments to see how long it will last.

    I don't always practice what I preach but I try.

    Thanks for the comment.