Monday, 12 December 2016

Exeter Steampunks Exeter Phoenix 10 Decemebr 2016

Exeter has has a version  of Steampunk and I had a bit of an experience, I turned up in my usual grungy gig wear to be greeted by post modern mash ups complete with fairy lights, mechanical jewelry and wigs, everyone was happy to strike a pose for pictures and show off their amazing creations. The pirate theme inspired some shark outfits, and the MC was right out of Pirates Of the Caribbean. Many looked like extras from a particularly confusing Dr Who episode.

Punk has meant lots of things over the years, in the 16 Century it was a word for a prostitute, and has been used for every kind of lowlife. Steam Punk seems well dressed, post modern and genteel version compared to Punk's violent history.

There was enthusiastic dancing but no mosh pit, who wants to wreak their fabulous confection? Especially as manyof the dresses were home made by some very talented people. There were some great bands and comedians, the night had a similar structure to a good, old fashioned variety show.

 There was the fun anarchy of punk though, one band had a Rum Gun, there was posing and dandy's that haven't been seen since Adam Ant. You could have a bop in the smaller room and it looked like an older, cleaner version of a New Romantics night.

Steampunk is a great expression of crazy inventiveness, great entertainment and post modern escape, it's as eccentric as an English lord building a folly and as full of posing and posturing as the  the coolest night at the Blitz club.  Get your corset and underskirt on, do something interesting with some fairy lights and give Steampunk a go, dressing up is back in fashion, and the more centuries you can pick and chose from the better, so get a great outfit, get some great selfies and escape, be an exotic Steampunk.

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