Friday, 10 February 2017

2 Anyone can have the patience of a Zen Master, if you have enough bills to pay.

You  can tell a newbie in a call centre, occasionally they cry. Customers can be horrible, they can tell you've not had great training, your nervous and scared and most people show patience and kindness but some people are just nasty.

The great thing is after a few months that same newbie is talking like a lawyer and has found calm a assertiveness that nobody thought possible. The patience call centre workers show is skilled, you learn to deal with people who've listened to call music until they know it off by heart and they'll hear it in their sleep, quite a few people who ring call centres are unstable and this needs to be dealt with as sweetly as anyone else and people even cry on you.

Jobs in telesales have been a personality boot camp for me, I'm grateful that I can now talk authoritatively to almost anyone and I can persuade people a grey sky is bright blue. Every Call Centre worker should be proud, we're tough but kind people to keep our job, and we can empathise with people and do maths at the same time, that's multitasking.

You can be a total fake because you have to be. Once on that phone your nervous breakdown, troublesome kids, messy divorce don't matter so you learn to fake everything. The person down the phone doesn't care about the mascara running down your face from your tears, they want their way now, and they want you to be the happiest, sweetest person they've talked to all day.

There are scars from being happy everyday, I have used every kind of therapy from loud music to meditation, poetry and bread making, nothing quite worked, I ended up in therapy with anxiety.

Be proud to be a Zen master call centre worker, you have skills that will help you in any job, have high self esteem.

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