Friday, 24 February 2017

3 Caffeine keeps call centres going

Fear of huge student debts, struggling mums and people on their second or third jobs keep call centres going from early morning until midnight.

Work almost any shift in a call centre and you will see energy drinks scattered around the place. On Sunday the office is full of aching heads from a drunken night forgetting they work in a call centre, on a Monday night it's students covering up the bags under their eyes because they have to work long hours so they can fund their dreams.

Working late in a call centre is not conducive to sleep, Screens, noise and having to behave in a hyped up way leave your mind whizzing until way after midnight. Caffeine is often the only thing between yo and falling into the land of nod when you're supposed to be sorting out a tricky refund.

I developed a Pepsi Max habit quickly, Not only did my nightly treat taste good it kept my happy but utterly fake personality going late until the evening. Soon Pepsi became my addiction.

Caffeine dries your throat and call centre workers use their voice like singers or broadcasters. At the busiest times  you can find yourself croaking your way through a shift. Thanks to constant job insecurity and no sick pay no one dares take time off for a dodgy throat so your voice gets weaker and weaker, work turns into a frustrating ordeal.

So the next time you ring a call centre late just think of the person your talking to. They may be coming to the end of an exhausting day so think of them an be gentle.

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