Monday, 22 May 2017

Today I'm just going to have a very important rant.

I ask one thing of you all, vote.

Just vote for anyone other than the Tories. Theresa May has shown herself to be ridiculous, she talks like a synth whose run out of phrases, she can't relate to or talk to ordinary people and she doesn't like animals, young people or even old people.

The worst thing is the big lie at the middle of all this is national debt, the national debt is horrendous and going up. State spending is vital but the daft cuts and nasty schemes thought  up by this government don't make anything better. Taking benefits form the poor doesn't just kill people it takes money out of the economy. For every person working on some work scheme for free someone isn't getting paid a proper wage so not spending in the shops so the country is stuck.

Get rid of this mean government, we're so used to parties being the same that we've forgotten our vote can make a revolution with only the rich getting slightly hurt. This government is living off lies, it spend too much on the wrong things. We need to tax the rich, not pick on the poor.

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